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A site dedicated to my passion for application development


Putting together this website.

Improving my skills on both
the front end UI and back end.

Finally writing the principles
I hold dear as a software developer.

Persuing my hobbies and my career.


James R. Galyen
125 Sheffield Rd.
Groveland, IL 61535

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Welcome to Poison-Arrow Programming

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a passionate computer programmer (and database administrator—goal of being a full stack developer) who is always looking to be involved in new projects.

My online name is TamusJRoyce. Tamus is a misspelling of my first name, James. And it is the last part of Hippopo-tamus. Royce is my middle name handed down several generations. There are a couple of people with my actual name, so I decided to go with this name for my online presence.

Check out (git pun intended) my interests at TamusJRoyce's Github. You can see me at TamusJRoyce's Stack Overflow too.

I pride myself in producing quality products that are backed by good programming practices. I am well adept in building desktop applications, server side back-ends for websites, databases, and reporting.

But I am also getting better with front end technologies. As you might see with this website. Especially since front-end technologies are coming closer to matching the back-end style of programming; given the latest ES6 Javascript front-end technology, it is a very interesting time indeed!

I currently passionate about search complexity, consistency/concurrency, and quality.

  1. When combining and retrieving data, how much time will it take to get that data? What happens when the data points being combined gets large?
  2. How do we prevent bad data? When accessing data, how can we prevent exceptions such as dead-locks?
  3. When a system or data state is not ideal and there is a problem, should we report a problem? If something bad does occur, can we identify and deal with it appropriately?

If you are interested in more, please visit my patterns page.

Here is a picture of my wife and I.

My wife is currently software developer for United Facilities. She was a CS Major / Math Minor student (much like myself) at Bradley University in Peoria, IL.

Her skills include: Computer Programming using .NET C# / VB.NET, SQL, EDI, and Reporting; Artist (self-taught, skipping art 1 to art 2 and getting an A) working with drawing people, landscapes, and web design; Linguistics and Foreign Languages such as Japanese and Spanish (not to be confused with computer languages); Creative Writing; and probably much more.

Last Modified: March 4th, 2018