Programming Projects and Practices

A site dedicated to my passion for application development


Putting together this website.

Improving my skills on both
the frontend UI and backend.

Finally writing the principles
I hold dear as a software developer.

Persuing my hobbies and my career.


James R. Galyen
125 Sheffield Rd.
Groveland, IL 61535

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I started programming on my own at about the age of ten, and learned how to program decently by eleven. And I remember even during these first few years, I spent as many as twelve hours or more a day programming. I still have my times where I have a need to program for days on end, with minimal to no sleep, but my wife usually keeps me from doing that too often.

Outside of softaware development, I like to play billards and be active in the community through Lions Club and Church. I am also having fun with things like Arduino, ESP32, Raspbarry Pi, and Beabglebone Black. So far it is just tinkering around. But I will let you know when I get farther.

I am very much a customer driven person. A large part of the satisfacton I get comes directly from how much I can contribute in helping you.

About this website

The name PoisonArrowProgramming has symbolized my desire to be a professional programmer. And I am greatful that is something I have been able to achieve.

Poison-Arrow tree frog represents a few things to me.

1. A colorful, bright, and creative logo.

2. So many organizations and clubs advertise themselves with an animals as a logo. The lion is Lions Clubs International mascot. And is instantly recognizable to many with helping the blind and deaf; Linux uses the penguin as it's mascot; GNU foundation uses the gnu as it's mascot; The Cubs baseball team advertises is named after their mascot...I guess that goes for most sports teams.

3. My programming skills are as sharp and precise as an arrow.
But I will be honest that I don't have anything for the poison. Maybe I am careful how I handle things?