Programming Projects and Practices

A site dedicated to my passion for application development


Putting together this website.

Improving my skills on both
the frontend UI and backend.

Finally writing the principles
I hold dear as a software developer.

Persuing my hobbies and my career.


James R. Galyen
125 Sheffield Rd.
Groveland, IL 61535

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James R Galyen

125 Sheffield Rd Groveland, IL 61535




Software Engineer with over 9 years of professional experience using a variety of open source and commercial tools. Strong focus on building test-driven, critical-path focused solutions with

continuous issue detection. A versatile team player enthusiastic to accomplish any goal;

striving to produce intuitive, manageable code.


  • Software Craftsmanship

  • Agile Manifesto Principles

  • Scrum/XP, User Stories, Action Items

  • Performance, Scalability, Parallelism

  • Communication, Reporting

  • Server/Client Architectures

  • Webserver Development, REST API, SOAP

  • Database, Data Warehouse, ETL, Reporting

  • Continuous Integration, Installers

  • Desktop User Interfaces

Language & Technology

Programming Languages

C#/VB.NET, Linq, C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, CSS/HTML, SQL,

Shell Scripting: Powershell, Bash, Windows Batch Scripting

Tools and Software Development Kits

Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse and Netbeans, IIS and Apache, SQL Server and PostgresSQL,

Microsoft .NET Framework, Node JS, Windows API, JDK, GNU GCC, GTK2, git, subversion,

django, koa2, express, ASP.NET Core, WCF, Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Access Development


Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux Debian/Red Hat/Gentoo, Docker, Android

Embedded: Arduino, BeagleBone, ESP32

Database Technologies

SQL Server, Postgresql, MongoDB, Hadoop Ecosystem, Dapper, Entity Framework, SSIS

Patterns and Practices

Micro Services, N-Tier, Immutable Data Pattern, Concurrency and Consistency, Big O Notation,

SOLID and DRY/KISS, Dependency Inversion and Plugin Systems, Test-Driven Development


Samaritan Ministries, Database Administrator – Peoria, IL Sept. 2017 – Current

  • Automated ETL data transfers with external partner using SSIS, Powershell, and Node JS

  • Critical Migration of Mandrill email account to new account through Node JS + REST API

  • Database maintenance and support – Availability Groups, Backup and Restore, Query Tuning

  • Developed .NET test-driven code to remove all dependencies on database FileStreams

Pearl Technology, Software Developer – Peoria, IL Mar. 2013 – Nov. 2017

  • Contracted as Software Developer to Samaritan Ministries

  • Decided on Mandrill for our customer facing cloud email system

  • Developed Email Runner for the business to send all scheduled member-facing emails

  • Enhanced flagship software, Groundhog, with major changes and speed improvements

  • Built and maintained a majority of paper communication using SSRS

  • Carved out new IT position and assisted in hiring with full responsibility handoff

Pearl Companies, Programmer Analyst – Peoria, IL Jul. 2012 – Mar. 2013

  • Ran monthly Carrier Payables – Microsoft Access

  • Developed various database processes and reports

  • ASP.NET Development for life insurance calculator application

CSE Software Inc., Software Developer – Peoria, IL Dec. 2010 – Mar. 2012

  • Part of a team that developed a Caterpillar contracted ASP.NET website

  • Server-Side importing and exporting of Excel documents

  • Maintained Caterpillar retailer’s altitude/fuel ratio engine recommendation .NET application

  • Developed for iPad using Xcode and Objective-C

  • Migrated company’s main source-code from Visual SourceSafe to Subversion

Infogenic Systems, Software Developer Peoria, IL Nov. 2008 – Sept. 2010

  • Developed parts tracking and maintenance software, Builder G3, for Caterpillar

  • Maintained communication with the customer and executed design changes

  • Wrote Microsoft SQL Server dynamic queries and stored procedures

  • Promoted to lead developer

Eastern Illinois University Charleston, IL Aug. 2001 – May 2006

  • Math and Computer Science Major

  • Advanced Course Work: Data Structures, Calculus III, Statistics, Peer ran team based video game development


  • Member of Lions Club International – Morton, IL 2001 – Current

  • Member of Central Illinois Web Professionals – East Peoria, IL 2016 – Current

  • Active online presents and technology research: StackOverflow, SQL Saturday